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Wellness Challenge

The goal behind the program is to educate you in exercise and food mindset.


Take back control of your lifestyle, stay accountable with weekly workouts to get you on track towards your goals and reset!

Cost : $180 per person 


First weigh in : Saturday April 6th

We will go over Challenge guidelines, meet your team and take your starting measurements.


My approach is NOT a fad diet. With fad diets there is not wiggle room for life. You are left counting, measuring, depriving yourself of foods you love and losing weight only to gain it back. Fad diets restrict important macronutrients from your diet and push you to over consume others. It is important to eat a balance of all macronutrients in order for our bodies to perform at a cellular level. Ditch your strict lists, dos & do nots and let’s get back to the basics. 

Challenge Winner

There will be two winners of the challenge!

Winner 1 : Overall fat loss % 

Winner 2 : Consistency (the person who makes all training sessions and keeps up with challenge goals!)

Winners will receive Evolve swag & free class pack!

There are two morning teams, one evening team & one virtual team in each challenge! Limited 12 per team to maintain small group atmosphere.


45 minute sessions // twice a week

Morning Teams:

Tues // Thurs at 5:30am - 6:15am

Evening Teams:

Mon // Wed at 6:30pm - 7:15pm

This program is built for all fitness levels with modifications available to accommodate all. We split the sessions into an upper body training and a lower body training. This allows us to recover in between training sessions and focus on building over all strength and lean muscle. Muscle burns fat!

Final Weigh in

Final Weigh in : Saturday May 4th

Weigh & Measure.

Determine winner & celebrate success!

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