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Ages 5+ // Parents are welcome to participate & join the fun!

Kids must be accompanied by a parent but parents do not need to participate if they do not want to. There is a lobby to relax in during class.

Tuesday at 10:30 am

Circuits are a fun and interactive way for kids & parents to be physically active. Class consists of several stations with different activities to rotate through in short periods of time (usually one or two minutes).


Circuits are a great way to integrate aerobic fitness with muscular endurance and flexibility activities. Circuit courses can also help to introduce new activities or to reinforce self-practice of previously taught skills and movements. 

Thursday at 10:30 am
Rockout !

Rockout is a fun & upbeat class! Rockout is movement that uses music to improve focus, coordination and physical fitness. Kid-friendly choreography that promotes building self-esteem and self-awareness. 

Preregistration is highly recommended. Space is limited.

Registration is done through Mindbody app. Click the box below to be directed to Kid Fitness Club Cards. 

Disclaimer : Premium Club Card & Club Cards can not be used for this series. There is a separate Kid Fitness Club Card with build in discount per class. Priced per kid if parents do not want to participate. For parent participation there is a family discount.

Kid Pass $4 (Guardian & Child)

Kids Pass $8 (Guardian & 2 Children)

Family Pass $10 (Guardian & 3+ Children)

Kid Fitness

This summer has Kid fitness classes! The classes meet twice a week.

All  different formats to introduce your child to different workout styles. Each is fun, high energy & will have your kiddo looking forward to the next session.

Mon / Wed 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm

Limit 12 kiddos per group. Ages 6 - 12

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